Which is the right path for you?

Coaching is a conversation designed to spark new ways of thinking, feeling and seeing your world.

As your coach, I listen to what you’re saying (as well as what you’re not saying) in an objective, non-judgemental manner, and support you to challenge yourself and your thinking. We work at a pace that is both comfortable and uncomfortable at times, but in a way that serves your best interests and highest good.

If you’re the type of person who wants to create a meaningful vision for your life and prefers a discrete, tailored approach, then one-to-one coaching is right for you. Become crystal clear on your values and strengths, understand your mindset, and embed positive new habits while retaining control of the coaching process. Applying My Simplicity Code© to access your more subconscious, intuitive knowledge, we’ll follow your agenda for the duration of your journey. 

If you’re the type of person who wants to deepen your learning, build friendships and community while finding shared support on your journey of transformation, then my group coaching circle is perfect for you. We’ll follow a series of specially designed modules based on My Simplicity Code© that allow for exploration and new insights, as well as the profound wisdom of self-discovery while embodying tools for compassion, clarity and confidence within yourself.


As any productivity expert will tell you, being busy is not the same as achieving results. And in our modern, often disconnected world, complexity is not a necessity to live your best life.

In fact it can be more important to get back to basics and simply reset.

By working through My Simplicity Code© of Compassion, Clarity and Courage, you’ll re-engage with your own Sense of Self to co-create Connection. 

That Connection is foremost to you, then to those around you, and in turn the world around you.

You can discover:

  • Why awareness and compassion are key to thriving in our modern world
  • Your own capacity for clarity through mental fitness and smarter productivity 
  • Why it’s necessary to ‘slow down in order to speed up’
  • That we all have inner saboteurs, and how best to manage them
  • How to harness your inner dialogue in supporting yourself and creating the results you really want
  • That you’re doing way better than you think you are!
  • Simple ways to address all your overthinking and negative self-talk
  • Tools to help reduce your stress, manage Imposter Syndrome, and generate more joy
  • How to cultivate a strong mindset and healthy habits of conscious empowerment for focused decision making

**Fun fact: my ancestry is part South African, part Greek. The Greeks have a wonderfully lyrical term ‘MERAKI’ that translates to “artistry; the soul, creativity or love you put into something; the essence of yourself that you put into your work”. Some people also describe it as finding your flow, or being in the zone.

‘MERAKI’ is what you experience when you follow My Simplicity Code© to become more authentically empowered in life, at work and at play, and ultimately get your MOJO back.


What does it mean to work with me as Your Mojo Coach ©?

  • Feel safe, heard, and understood, with no judgement
  • Partner with someone who understands what being on the verge of burnout – and life beyond burnout – really feels like
  • Learn new ways of being that transform your thinking, your Work and your Life
  • Experience full accountability and get massive support for your growth
  • Navigate gracefully as you remember your light, and get your MOJO back!

Coaching sessions are 75 minutes with cadence tailored to suit your needs. Depending on your personal requirements, a minimum package of six sessions is recommended so you can really get to understand your drivers, and tap into your own powerful momentum.

NB: Additional capacity (minimum 1-2 hours) is required to do the work between coaching sessions for best possible results. If you cannot commit to yourself and the programme in this way, then my coaching offer is not the one for you.

Your investment in your transformation ranges from $4950 USD / R49 500 ZAR for a life changing personal retreat to just $145 USD / R1450 ZAR for the Breakthrough Power Hour.

All coaching packages include support on WhatsApp / Telegram between coaching sessions.

Please ask about corporate rates. All pricing is in USD for international clients and ZAR for residents of South Africa. **Payment plans are available if you are self-funding.

Pricing is subject to periodic renewal. See further Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page.



Hands in the shape of a heart

Recognise how your inner dialogue is affecting your whole life – whether you’re aware of it or not – and build on your plans with renewed awareness, compassion and faith in yourself.

Define your meaningful short term goals and get to grips with your values, emotional drivers and overall mindset through these six wonderfully engaging sessions. Reconfigure your dreams and remember what your MOJO feels like!


Look within your soul and go on a deep dive into Who-You-Really-Are. Uncover new ways of thinking, fresh possibilities, and energise the untapped potential within you to navigate with clarity and confidence through your changed world.

Over these 12 dynamic sessions, reconnect to your heart and break free from the humdrum/ hustle of everyday sabotage to embrace your true purpose. Feel your MOJO come to life!


Walking on a log over water

Acknowledge that you are the ultimate power in your life, draw on your inherent courage and eliminate those unhelpful factors that have been holding you back from manifesting your dreams.

Take actionable steps over our 18 sessions together to become more easily empowered with your vision and purposeful decision-making.

Discover, deconstruct and then repurpose those bold desires you’ve always dreamed of, with strategic insights and provocative choices to get your MOJO back!



This works if you have a very specific issue to address urgently (e.g. managing imposter syndrome ahead of an important meeting) or you’re undecided about whether coaching is for you, and would like to try it out. 


A one-off session when you’re at a crossroads and want to make a decision. Perhaps you need help with a specific project, want a confidence boost, or simply a confidential space in which to download and figure out your next move.

VORTEX 15:FIVE © – unlimited 15 min coaching sessions over five months

Vortex laser coaching is for existing/ past clients who are already on point, 100% accountable for all their choices, and currently manifesting their specific visions and ultimate calling. Punchy, active and focused. 

*POA ~ discrete terms apply


I subscribe to and uphold the codes of ethics and conduct of the coaching profession as covered by COMENSA and the ICF.

I am guided at all times by my own values: integrity, trust, learning, accountability and freedom.

What does that mean for you?

Through our shared journey I serve, support, and hold space for you as you travel your unique path to reconnect to your MOJO.

So, if you’re ready to invest in your Self with a full heart and go ‘all in’ to reignite the spark that’s fizzled out, let’s connect.

Here’s what we’ll do together during your free 30-minute Discovery Call:

    • Identity the factors that are getting in the way of your peace of mind
    • Determine what is preventing you from fulfilling your potential
    • Create a tailored action plan that will move you forward with a clear sense of purpose
    • Explore whether we’re a good fit, and how I can best support you 

As a fun bonus, we’ll also determine which Grecian god/ goddess archetype is best suited to accompany you on your journey. 



The kaleidoscope was my favourite childhood toy, and is the inspiration and story behind my own journey from HR to Coaching as a career, as well as the design of my group learning programme for weary Gen X women.

This Coaching Circle is for you if:

  • you’re feeling lost, and don’t know who you are anymore;
  • you’re tired of feeling tired, and just want your MOJO back;
  • you’re ready to shake up the kaleidoscope of your life and create a beautiful new vision for yourself; and
  • you’d love a supportive and nurturing community with new friendships and a sprinkling of magic

~ Reawaken to the astonishing power within you and elevate your Sense of Self.

~ Remember your light and bring uplifting awareness to your Work and Life as never before. 

As a journey, “Kaleidoscope Your Life”© is made up of four individual programmes which run over seven weeks each. 

Each course is designed to build on the other, so ‘Part One: Call In Compassion’ is the required foundation course to allow for continued participation in any of the other three courses.

  • Part One: Call In Compassion
  • Part Two: Carve Out Clarity
  • Part Three: Calibrate With Courage
  • Part Four: Co-Create Connection

Limited to no more than six participants per course for a sage, personal and fully immersive experience so you don’t feel lost in a crowd of strangers.

Participation by application only. The next group programme starts in January 2024, so click here or on the ‘How To Kaleidoscope Your Life’ button below to learn more and connect with me now.

"The first thing I discovered was I needed to change the way I perceived myself and start to have compassion for ME. I also discovered that I have limiting beliefs and a fixed mindset that contributed to my lack of confidence."
"Brilliant! I love it and I'm learning so much about myself. All so useful and practical. I also learn by listening to the others' sharing. I have noticed changes in myself, and I think others are able to see and experience the change."
"I loved how Lee facilitated, she was able to challenge us to think more deeply and support us when we needed to, while at the same time making sure that everyone had the opportunity to share."
"The transformation I've experienced includes recognising that I need to love, value and pay much more attention to myself, and that there are methods to overcome self-limiting beliefs."
"I love the group dynamic. I think we are very different, but remarkably similar in our struggles despite very different circumstances. I felt a deep and meaningful connection with each of the other group members."
"I absolutely love this! I love the fact that it's an intimate circle and that each one builds on the one before it. Thank you for the wonderful facilitation and bringing awareness to the things we can tweak to give ourselves compassion."
"I loved the workbooks, these are elements that partner the sessions and can be used after the fact to reflect on. Not that all of it was easy, but I've found it insightful, helpful, practical, thought-provoking and stimulating."
"Informative, creative, insightful stimulating, and thought-provoking courses. They've helped me to recognise and value who I am."
"Presentations are useful, varied, informative and engaging. Discussions and sharing are useful and well facilitated. Opportunity to share and to listen. Workbooks are informative and useful to record, reflect and reinforce concepts. Good questions to provoke thinking."
"Now I realise I am capable of much more, I just need to silence the saboteurs and noisy voices in my head."
Source: Art Deco, Internet


Your CV (sometimes known as your resumé) is your personal marketing tool and tells your story to prospective employers.

As someone who saw thousands of CVs in my HR career, it was dead easy to spot the ‘run-of-the-mill, who-actually-wrote-this?’ CV from the ‘let’s-get-this-person-in-for-an-interview-now!’ CV. 

We don’t always do ourselves justice in the stories we tell about ourselves when pitching to a business or recruiter.

Perhaps you’re wanting a fresh start (going for a promotion, changing industries, boosting your confidence etc) or you’re mid-career, bored and overwhelmed but knowing you want something to change.

Maybe you’re just curious to see what else is out there?

Here’s how I can help you with my bespoke approach to telling your unique story:

If you’re considering a job change, or it’s been a while since you last interviewed and you’re a little nervous, let’s get you ready:

Interview Prep – 75 mins

  • Practice your interview technique
  • Clarify your career objectives 
  • Focus on your key skills
  • Prepare your applications 
  • Activate your energy!

**Bonus: WhatsApp/ Telegram access to me on the day of your interview.

$85 USD / R850 ZAR


If you want to spruce up your CV to share your work history with confidence and ease, let’s explore your strengths and get you excited about the way forward.

CV Review –  includes your finished CV and 2,5 hours of coaching in which we:

  • Define your career trajectory with a Job Satisfaction Assessment
  • Calibrate your Values and discover what is really, really important for you
  • Uncover your Beliefs and what ‘Work’ really means for you
  • Determine your ‘hidden powers’ with an interesting Strengths exercise 
  • Craft your CV as an effective marketing tool in today’s on-demand business climate
  • Get recommendations for language, grammar and copy (up to 3 revisions)
  • Finish with an up-to-date, polished CV that showcases your personal brand and USP
  • Elevate your energy so you can put your best self forward!

**Bonus: WhatsApp/ Telegram access to me on the day of your interview as well as a checklist to help you stay on top of your game mentally during your job transition.

$245 USD / R2450 ZAR


CV Revamp – includes all of the above from CV Review, with additional bonus of the 75 min Interview Prep session included.

$295 USD / R2950 ZAR


Happy to help with LinkedIn profiles too.

If you’d like to discuss your options, click here or on the ‘Time To Upgrade Your CV’ button below to schedule your complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call.

You’ll discover some opportunities you may not have recognised, and get some valuable insights too.

You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap of next steps you can take to reach your goals.

And if it looks like we’re good travel partners, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you in a tailored individual, group coaching or CV upgrade programme. 


All bookings are binding, and there are no refunds on coaching or CV upgrade packages. Part of the requirement for working with me is that you are ‘fully in’ and accountable to your process. Meetings take place on Zoom or via WhatsApp/ Telegram as arranged, and sessions will expire if not redeemed during the stipulated programme time. Prices subject to periodic renewal. Coaching sessions and packages are not transferable. Other than in the case of an emergency, cancellations require 24 hours advance notice to avoid forfeiting the session. Payment for coaching is in advance by invoice through PayPal or Wise for international clients and EFT for South African residents. Coaching will commence on acceptance of a signed agreement that outlines terms (as described above) as well as roles of both Client and Coach for heart-aligned coaching participation.