Living from your core means trusting your HEAD, HEART and GUT.

It’s about being courageous and intuitive, and aware enough to know when others are struggling to keep a sense of balance.

And then there’s YOU.

You have accepted there is a changed world reality, so consider what it might be like to get the support you need – with no expectations or judgement – just the opportunity to delve into some new ideas as you review your own position.

Because when you’ve lost your Self to your career and (more significantly) lost your mojo and any sense of purpose, it’s hard to feel good about what you’re doing.

While everyone has their unique story, you also have the power to forge a new path should you choose to. 

My name is Lee Marinaki and I help overly-dedicated professionals who’ve lost themselves mid-career, to reclaim their Sense of Self and feel more purposeful – in life, at work and at play.


As a discerning professional with a growth mindset, you may be considering some personal development. Perhaps you’re wanting a fresh start at work (better communication skills, going for a promotion, changing industries, boosting your confidence etc) or you’re mid-career, bored and stuck and overwhelmed about how to make a change and create a new vision for your life?

Maybe you’re just wanting to revamp your CV and see what else is out there.

My bespoke CV REVIEW includes:

* 2 x one hour coaching calls to understand your belief systems, career plans and trajectory

* A workshop on defining your Values and discovering what is really, really important for you

* An interesting strengths exercise as an unfolding of your ‘hidden powers and Self’

* Comprehensive input on how to compile your CV as an effective marketing tool in today’s climate

* Professional compilation of document(s) with recommendations as necessary for language, grammar and copy (up to 3 revisions)

* Your up-to-date, polished CV that tells your unique story


Coaching is a conversation designed to spark new ways of thinking, feeling and seeing your new world.

With simple strategies to help reduce your stress, you’ll address all the overthinking, find relief from anxiety, and cultivate a strong mindset and healthy habits of conscious empowerment. You’ll discover that we all have inner saboteurs of various kinds and how to overcome them, where you might be falling prey to the six signs of sabotage, get clarity on your boundaries, and harness your courage to make the changes you really want and live the life you deserve.  You’ll even find yourself able to laugh wholeheartedly at life again!


‘Meraki’ is the lyrical Greek word for ‘doing something with love, soul or creativity; the essence of yourself that you put into your work.’ 

Applying HR and coaching expertise gained over 20 years of corporate life, I developed a bespoke programme after experiencing what I call my ‘integrity crisis’, my own profound awakening – in which I landed up completely redefining who I was, discovered how my health had been impacted and refocused what I wanted my life to be.

The Road To Meraki’ © is the unique client journey I created for simple yet effective ways to reclaim your Sense of Self, craft a new story, and boldly infuse your life and work with more purpose and joy to get your mojo back.

Using what I call the 3 C’s of COMPASSION, CLARITY and COURAGE to co-create the 4th – CONNECTION – not only do you awaken your inner wisdom, you get to redefine your own ‘meraki’ too.


Hands in the shape of a heart


Align with your values and understand why this is fundamentally important for your success. Acknowledge where you are, reconnect with what is meaningful for you and recognise how language, self-care and mindset are vital investments in yourself and your overall wellbeing. Time to shake things up and reclaim your joy!




Get clear about the structures and systems that are working FOR you and AGAINST you. Realise where your overthinking is hampering your productivity and sabotaging your happiness, and discover the powerful role of your creative self in harnessing your natural strengths. Then watch your desires take shape as you wave goodbye to those saboteurs!



Walking on a log over water


Activate momentum and work smarter, not harder. Become fearless with kindness and take charge of your life instead of ‘trying too hard’ and spinning your wheels in frustration. Become empowered in your decision-making, diminish that nagging Imposter Syndrome and take inspired steps towards your goals by making life easier!



If you’re ready to invest in your Self and reignite that spark of joy in your life, let’s connect.

Here’s what we’ll achieve together during your 45-minute complimentary Leading Edge discovery session:

    • Identity the factors that are getting in the way of your peace of mind
    • Pinpoint where your potential stressors are and what is likely holding you back
    • Create a tailored action plan that will move you forward with a clear sense of purpose
    • Explore how I can best support you on your unique path to empowerment

As a fun and unique bonus, we’ll also determine which Greek god/ goddess archetype will accompany you on The Road To Meraki © 

Here are just some of the net results my clients have experienced:

* improved communication 
* healthier levels of productivity
* reduction of self-sabotage and over thinking
* positive changes in habitual reactivity patterns
* greater clarity of thought
* better stress management
* earlier awareness of burnout signals 
* stronger relationships at work and at home
* positive boost in overall performance
* strengthening of connections & networks
* new health management tools

You’ll also discover how to:

* simplify your approach to work/ life integration
* overcome fear of failure & Imposter Syndrome
* move out of anxiety & overwhelm
* become more passionately & powerfully productive 
* lower negative stress levels
* achieve clarity & direction
* stand in your truth 
* improve overall health & wellbeing 
* recover your mojo!


I subscribe to and uphold the codes of ethics and conduct of the coaching profession as covered by COMENSA and the ICF.

I am guided at all times by my own values: to be accountable, hold integrity, always learning, find clarity & strengthen trust.

What does that mean for you? Well I really do believe that “words create worlds”, and in my role as an Executive Life & Career Coach I serve, support, and hold a safe space for you as you travel your path and reconnect to your mojo.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about their coaching experience with me:

If you’d like to connect and have an opportunity to chat, click here or on the ‘Leading Edge Empowerment’ button below to schedule your complimentary 45-minute Leading Edge discovery call.

You’ll discover some opportunities you may not have recognised, and get some valuable insight into what’s getting in your way.

You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap of action steps you can take to reach your goals.

And if it looks like we’re good travel partners, I’ll be happy to share how I can support you in a tailored coaching programme.