Reclaim Your Sense of Self, Fall In Love With Work And Life Again, And Get Your MOJO Back!


You’re a discerning Gen X professional who’s built a successful career and busy life. You’re emotionally savvy, technologically adept, and recognised for your career and personal accomplishments.

But what happens when you’re overly committed to your career is that you give too much of yourself to your job / your business, and you lose your Sense of Self and your MOJO along the way.

In other words, you confuse having a career with having a life.

‘Chronic stress’ and ‘burnout’ are terms that have become synonymous with work and life in recent years. In fact stress is the real health epidemic of the 21st Century, costing businesses worldwide 300 billion dollars every year. 

Burnout occurs when passionate, committed people like you are overly stressed, give too much, and then become disillusioned with a career (and life) from which you’ve previously derived much of your identity, value and meaning.

Secretly you’re tired, stuck and feeling horribly lost, but don’t want to admit it to anyone. 

You push on, feeling the weight of all that stress pushing down on you, becoming resentful, irritated and then pissed off with The System as a whole.

Because burnout feels like a relationship gone bad. You know it’s not working, and something needs to change … but what is that exactly?

We don’t always recognise the warning signs of burnout because we’re so accustomed to coping with really high levels of stress these days that it’s become a normal part of everyday life. And I don’t mean the good kind of stress that motivates us … I mean negative, constant distress.

If this is the case for you, you can probably also identify with one or more of the following:

  • Your relentless work ethic means you do everything at 150% effort, even if it doesn’t require it

  • What used to feel inspiring now feels tedious

  • You have a strong need to prove your worth and achieve more, and yet feel like an imposter doing so

  • You withdraw from friends and family and don’t feel like yourself anymore

  • You procrastinate and ‘armour up’ to deal with the toxicity around you until you begin to feel numb

  • You ignore the warning signals from your body and keep pushing yourself to do more

  • You become increasingly cynical and unconsciously sabotage your relationships 

  • Your health starts to suffer and you can’t sleep properly – insomnia anyone?

  • You seesaw between apathy & attentiveness while experiencing endless brain fog

As a result you’re overworked, overwhelmed and over it all, but don’t know how to break the chain of pain!

OK, so maybe it’s not quite that dramatic for you as yet, but you recognise some of these signs in yourself, don’t you?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about polishing up your communication or other professional skillsets, and are secretly plagued by Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt.

Maybe you want to apply for that promotion, revamp your CV, or even switch career paths altogether, but are feeling overwhelmed about what that involves so you just stay stuck.

Perhaps you want to redesign your schedule for better work/ life integration but don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps you’re just feeling ‘lost’ and without purpose somehow, and want to reclaim your Sense of Self … with a pinch of sass and a cup full of confidence!

Whatever it is, you’re done with feeling so tired and shitty all the time, and know there’s something better for you on your horizon.

So tell me Gen X, any of those issues resonate for you?

What would it be like if you had more joy, laughter and energy for yourself, your work and your family?

What would it be like to feel expansive, inspired and free, perhaps like you dreamt of back in your 20s?

It’s time to create a powerful new connection with yourself … before you burn out!

The most profound relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.

I am Your Mojo Coach! My name is Lee Marinaki and I help weary Gen X professionals who’ve lost themselves in their careers / business to recover their Sense of Self, rejuvenate body, mind and soul, and get their MOJO back.

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I believe we all have free will and the right to make our own choices, whatever they may be.

And while we don’t want to give up on ourselves, we sometimes don’t quite know how to move forwards effectively.

This is where we benefit from walking the journey alongside someone who understands, and who has experienced what did – and didn’t – work well along the way. 

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

It’s time to release your old modes of thinking and the ‘puppet paradigms’ that no longer serve you, your career / business, and your life.

Without realising it, our self-limiting beliefs can sabotage what we really want, especially if we’re running on autopilot.

We get stuck in a nightmare and the effort to wake up is just too much, and then our ‘old stories’ manifest themselves in who we are and how we show up in the world.

Our beliefs (both positive and negative) are drawn from our past experiences and stored in the subconscious mind, below the level of conscious awareness.

They create the filters through which we respond to life’s challenges, and have far-reaching consequences, because our beliefs affect our mood, job performance, self-esteem, relationships, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Based on Brain Dominance Theory, PSYCH-K®️ (which stands for Psychological Kinesiology) is one of the simple and direct tools we use to change old self-limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind, quickly and efficiently, into new self-enhancing ones that support you, in just minutes!

Because simply put, we ARE our choices.

So Gen X, what are YOU going to choose today?

My Simplicity Code© is the framework I developed as part of my own blueprint to healing, and is also what anchors our journey as a coaching partnership. 

You get my full and personal attention as we work with My Simplicity Code© of Compassion, Clarity and Courage to co-create Connection.

This Connection is foremost to you, then to those around you, and in turn the world around you.

* Reclaim your Sense of Self
* Simplify your approach to Work/ Life integration
* Amplify your levels of confidence as well as contentment
* Overcome feelings of Imposter Syndrome
* Lower negative stress levels (yup, positive stress is good for you!)
* Manage your inner saboteurs
* Improve general health and wellbeing
* Move out of anxiety and overwhelm and release self-doubt
* Recognise the signs and recalibrate early – before reaching burnout
* Awaken to a new consciousness while standing in your Truth
* Fall in love with Work and Life again
* Shake up to wake up … and get your MOJO back!


I subscribe to and uphold the codes of ethics and conduct of the coaching profession as covered by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).

I am guided at all times by my own values: integrity, trust, learning, accountability and freedom.

What does this mean for you? I work from a heart-aligned space to provide support and accountability for your unique journey.

If you’re ready to release your pain, recapture your MOJO and fall in love with Work and Life again, let’s connect.

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PLEASE NOTE: All results are examples of individual achievements and are not guaranteed. You are advised to apply this work within the boundaries of your own personal development. It does not constitute medical, financial, spiritual, health or legal advice; you are required to take ownership for your needs and seek appropriate assistance as necessary.