You know how some professionals are so busy working and mentoring others, but often find it hard to take their own advice?

Well I was one of those, and I wore my ‘busy’ like a badge of honour. 

I was dedicated, passionate and committed to my HR career over 20+ years, delivering excellent results and contributing to the world of business as a professional.  

In reality I was looking to validate myself through my career, drowning on some days and completely bored on others, with the occasional good day thrown in for good measure.

I ignored all the warning signs and my little voice that whispered: “Something feels off”.  

Instead, I trundled along on the get-up-go-to-work-come-home treadmill, knowing that I was physically, emotionally and spiritually spent, and carried on regardless.

I pushed my thoughts to one side and repeatedly told myself: “It’s fine, I’m fine, it’s all good”.

Until the day it wasn’t. 

As I sat crying in my doctor’s office (again), I finally understood the reality of what I’d been ignoring for years.

My life simply had to change. 


Putting the puzzle pieces together and looking at the overall picture of constant stress, fatigue, depression and brain fog, I saw the perpetual insomnia and toxic colleagues for what they really were.

I finally allowed myself to feel the full weight of that glass ceiling and my general career malaise, and realised that I had become utterly lost through prolonged, debilitating burnout.

Given that this was at a time when burnout wasn’t spoken about so freely, I kept quiet and started doing some research. 

Like shaking up a kaleidoscope forms a new image, I decided I wanted to shake things up for myself and create a brand new vision from all the ‘broken bits’ of my life. 

My research unearthed some mind-blowing data about individual vs organisational burnout, toxic workplaces, lifestyle factors and circadian rhythms.

I used my life as my own canvas and set about creating new thought patterns, new belief systems, a healthier, more grounded lifestyle, and much better habits for myself with clear, simple boundaries.

I gave myself permission to change my career trajectory and focus more on what I had always loved, and after completing my coach training, developed a bespoke coaching framework in My Simplicity Code©the Compassion, Clarity and Courage to co-create Connection.

Notably too, was that I recognised how much I’d been sabotaging myself, so when I began trusting my heart and took the time to be still and listen, I discovered how magically my path opened up.

That was when I finally stopped ‘trying to do it all’ and was able to make different choices for myself.

A simple yet profoundly important decision.


I am in constant awe of Mother Nature and the exponential growth of information and disruption that is taking place around us.

A new consciousness is emerging. Conventional belief systems are being powerfully challenged and old paradigms radically shifted, all of which requires us to be agile and responsive in this new VUCA** world.

I’m all about unlearning, tuning in to the real power of our Infinite Self and knowing we are each responsible for our own joy. 

Together with my University Certification in Executive and Management Coaching, I have a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology.

I am also trained as an internationally recognised PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

I apply the Law of Consciousness in my life, utilise a positive psychology approach in my coaching, expand my professional toolkit via CPD and Supervision, and have accumulated a multitude of other skillsets along the way too.

I discovered the delights of coffee while living in Belize in 2017 – yes, Belize is in Central America, and yes I’m a late bloomer, I know – LOL! I’m also an avid dog-and-cat person, love photography, travel and scuba diving, and these days will take a walk out under the stars over a night of clubbing any time.

That said, I still love music (’80s and other) … and yet find my ultimate peace in the deep stillness of the African bushveld. *Sigh!

Busy being busy

**The term VUCA originally described the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity of situations. Harvard Business School suggests today’s world calls for Vision, Understanding, Courage and Adaptability.

I much prefer the latter interpretation, don’t you?


I am guided at all times by my values – to be accountable, always learning, holding integrity, embracing freedom and strengthening trust. 

I subscribe to and uphold the codes of ethics and conduct of the coaching profession as covered by COMENSA and the ICF.

What does that mean for you? I work from a heart-centered, values-aligned and confidential space to serve and support you on your journey.

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You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap of action steps you can take to start afresh, and perhaps a little reminder of what your MOJO feels like too.

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