What do you feel when you look at this picture?

That it’s a group of fabulous women enjoying each other’s company on a great day out?

Or a social outing that requires too much effort for you to even contemplate right now?

I remember when I felt I had no capacity for fun in my work and life anymore. I didn’t even have the energy to respond to messages because I was so damn tired every day!

Can you relate? What’s your story? What happened to leave you feeling so tired?

If you’ve fallen out of love with work and life, becoming disconnected from your Self and others and knowing you’ve lost your MOJO, then ‘Kaleidoscope Your Life’© is perfect for you.


As Gen X women, feeling out of control and unappreciated at work and in life is the #1 reason we live less than inspired and joyful lives, and find ourselves on the fast track to burnout. 

We push ourselves too hard, place ourselves at the back of the queue, and then wonder why we feel so bad and where the hell our MOJO went?

If you’ve been married to your career and become divorced from your True Self, thenKaleidoscope Your Life’© is the best gift you could give yourself this year.


Share the journey of self discovery with a selected small circle of women who are willing to shake up their old stories, reclaim their Sense of Self and fall in love with work and life all over again.

In a uniquely experiential journey to find your own sense of flow, we’re going to shake up the kaleidoscope of your life and reshape all those ‘broken’ pieces to create a new vision for yourself.

Through each of the four life-affirming programmes on offer, we’ll craft more love, light, laughter and ease in your world, starting now!

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Four images showcasing the four courses depicted by a row of candles, a diamond, a silhouette of a female warrior and a hand touching a mirror.


  • Shake up to wake up! Four magnetic courses to help you adopt new insights and perspectives on your work and life 
  • Advance your understanding of neuroscience and how the mind really works to create your future, your way
  • Learn about drama triangles and other fascinating factors that unconsciously impact every aspect of your work and life
  • Experience powerful awakenings that bring awareness and resonance to your thinking, permeating your work, your love and your life
  • Honour and surrender the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and make room for the uplifting new version of YOU instead
  • Build the confidence, capacity and emotional agility to manage your life better, so you can pour your unique gifts and authentic Self into the world
  • Get personal attention in an intimate group setting so you don’t feel lost in a huge crowd of random strangers 
  • Find whole-hearted acceptance and bring grace into your everyday life with simplicity and ease
  • Craft your vision and tap into your innate wisdom in a supportive and safe environment
  • Limited to no more than six participants per course for an inspiring, sage and personal sharing experience


Applying the bespoke framework from My Simplicity Code© we’ll weave together Compassion, Clarity and Courage to co-create Connection.

That Connection is foremost to you, then to those around you, and in turn the world around you.


"The most profound relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself."


  • Craft the intention for your journey and the new vision you want to hold for yourself and your life 
  • Unearth what stories are working for you and against you in ways you may not have considered before
  • Acquaint yourself with the hidden aspects of your core values that directly impact your life
  • Unlock the secret keys to your thinking, expectations and limiting beliefs, and how to effect positive change
  • Explore one of the biggest (and most disregarded) cognitive influences that directly impacts your confidence, your creativity and your world


  • Understand the active formula within your productivity and how to set your appropriate course forward
  • Discover the six signs of sabotage and how the ten types of saboteur subconsciously rule all our lives
  • Define what your boundaries say about you and why there might be a need to adjust what you’ve always believed to be necessary or true
  • Diagnose the four aspects of chaos and what each of them reveals about you and how you coordinate your life
  • Find the intricacy in simplicity to support and manage your time, energy and relationships


  • Remember why you are operant power in your life and how to take back your power 
  • Become more discerning about the choices you make, and learn to navigate your decision-making consistently
  • Dive into the depths of imposter phenomenon and play with proven tools to remedy it 
  • Determine which of the six modern lifestyle drivers you are most challenged by and why this is so
  • Step forward with simple, actionable strategies to counter what you’ve unconsciously subscribed to, and bring your best self to your life, love and work


This is where everything merges together in the most beautiful and experiential of ways, with deliciously uplifting flavours of delight to showcase the new You.

I won’t give away too much here, but essentially: watch the alchemy magically unfold in front of your eyes, and bring together the knowledge, skills and intuitive wisdom that have been unlocked to transform your thinking and Kaleidoscope Your Life©!

Because we have journeyed so deeply together, the space created for part four is held sacred … so only those who have completed at least two of the three previous courses in the series can join up for this one.


WHAT IF ... ?

You may have invested in programmes before that left you overwhelmed and lost within large groups, with complex information, confusing instructions and soulless e-learning with a lack of genuine support. 

  • What if you can change that now by empowering yourself and telling yourself new and uplifting stories to reinforce your self-confidence?
  • The group stays small and focused so you don’t feel lost in a crowd, but rather an integral part of a unique and supportive circle.
  • Learn to cultivate your ability to recognise and cope with your emotions more effectively.
  • Discover tools to better manage elements like self-sabotage, imposter phenomenon and those limiting beliefs that are quietly chewing away at your soul.
  • Feel safe, heard and understood.
  • I’ll share my three decades of accumulated personal development, coaching and HR expertise to support you every step of the way
  • It’ll be you, me, and an intimate circle of women on a journey of healing from feeling frazzled and overwhelmed to becoming mindful, compassionate and empowered.


We partner together over seven weeks (per course), with all the training, accountability, and encouragement you need to create tangible new insights and stories for yourself.

  • Step-by-Step – practical information and tools you can implement right away to bring more awareness, compassion and kindness towards your Self
  • Group Coaching Calls – five weekly meetings via Zoom, followed by a powerful integration pause in week six and a celebratory ceremony in week seven
  • Individual Attention – the group is purposely small so you get personal attention, uplifting insights and uniquely tangible results relevant to YOU
  • Harmony Guide – beautifully curated workbooks to keep you focused and which allow additional space and time for heartfelt, personal, and powerful reflection
  • Weekly Accountability – weekly check-ins and a personal accountability buddy for added levels of encouragement, enfolded in compassion, strength and love
  • Exclusive Support – direct support from me and a community space to connect with other group members to ask questions, share ‘AHA’ moments and celebrate with those who’ve got your back… and your heart!
  • Hot Seat – occasions to address your most pressing issues with loving insights from the shared wisdom in the room
  • Feminine Power – draw on the sacredness of the goddess archetypes, and step into the Coaching Circle together in a way that you simply couldn’t if you were on your journey alone
  • Private Coaching – available for those interested in moving themselves to an even deeper level of conscious awareness 

Your transformation for “Part One: Call In Compassion” is currently on offer at £1125 GBP for international clients and R7500 ZAR if you’re permanently resident in South Africa.

Payment plans of two instalments of £565 GBP or R3875 ZAR each are available if preferred. Connect with me for info on prospective start dates in July 2024.

*SPECIAL OFFER: when you take the leap and invest in the full ‘Kaleidoscope Your Life’© programme up front, you’ll pay just £3900 GBP / R26 000 ZAR for the 9-month immersion programme.

**That’s a delicious saving of  £600 GBP / R4000 ZAR on the entire ‘Kaleidoscope Your Life’© series and over 70 hours of stunning transformation and connection! 

This offer is way more value than I’ve found in other online programmes (because let’s face it, e-learning can feel quite boring at times and honestly, who doesn’t love a superb deal?) and in this crazy time in the world it’s a magnificent gift to show up for – and honour – yourself as well.

The Coaching Circle always stays small and cohesive, so let’s speak privately to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Are you curious, and ready to invest in yourself now?

Let’s connect – it would be fabulous to meet you!

Register for a chat here, book a Zoom call here, find me on Telegram @YourMojoCoach or email me now on connect@leemarinaki.com




Four images showcasing the four courses depicted by a row of candles, a diamond, a silhouette of a female warrior and a hand touching a mirror.


PLEASE NOTE: All results are examples of individual achievements and are not guaranteed. You are advised to apply this work within the boundaries of your own personal development. It does not constitute medical, financial, spiritual, health or legal advice; you are required to take ownership for your needs and seek appropriate assistance as necessary.