reclaim your sense of self

If you’re feeling drained from giving too much at work, or are wondering whether you’re living to your full potential or fulfilling your purpose, then coaching will be suitable for you. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from 20 years in the corporate world, it’s that underneath all the job titles, accolades, accoutrements and ‘bling’, we are all ultimately looking for one goal – TO BE HAPPY – in whichever form that may take. There are literally millions of ways in which human beings assess, express (and occasionally chase) happiness, and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we actually deserve it.

Happiness is our birthright.

If you are ready to effect positive change in your life, schedule a complimentary 30-minute Leading Edge discovery call via the booking system below.  

No hard sells here. It is always your decision if you want to go ahead with coaching. You are accountable for your own growth, and will know intrinsically if this is a ‘HELL YES’ or a ‘Hmmmm, I don’t think so’ decision!

COACHING is a conversation designed to spark new ways of thinking, feeling, and seeing your world.
It assumes both parties as whole, competent and willing to explore new ideas in a peer-to-peer partnership. 

EMPOWERMENT is about you getting out of your way and aligning with your best self with a renewed sense of purpose.

Coaching is different to therapy, in that therapy helps Clients heal, fix or manage problems from the past. Coaching helps Clients identify and take action towards future positive change.

As a business, Lee Marinaki Empowerment Coach is built on the values of accountability, integrity, clarity, learning and trust. Each of these values holds power in how I engage with you as my Client.

A Coach’s skill lies in deep listening, empathy, strong questioning and goal setting.

Also important are the ability to build trust, planning and relationship management. We (Client and Coach) meet in conversation online, during which time we develop strategies and systems in support of your goals. As an Empowerment Coach, I look at matters from a ‘whole person perspective’ and help you find ways to streamline your objectives while leveraging your power to achieve them. 

Meetings generally take place for an hour at a time, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Registered with COMENSA and fully committed to a professional Code of Conduct, Lee Marinaki Empowerment Coach is also a guardian of the privacy of what you share. Any information you supply is kept confidential and not disclosed to any other third parties except with your consent, or where required to do so by law. 

Coaching is not therapy however, and Lee Marinaki Empowerment Coach is not qualified to give medical, financial, spiritual, health or legal advice; you are required to take ownership for your needs and seek the appropriate assistance as necessary.

That depends on your needs. Some Clients benefit from a focused tonic of three months, while others fare better on a bespoke programme of six months or longer. Sometimes Clients want an extra ‘booster session’ to deal with unforeseen events or a crisis – you know, when Life happens!

Once I have understood what your requirements are, I’ll send you a proposal on recommended timelines and costs for your consideration. 

It’s important to bear in mind that the goal of all coaching interventions should be to have the Client working independently of their Coach by the end of his/ her programme. This does not mean we part ways for ever though; a new coaching programme can of course always be started at a later date.

This is the beauty of technology. Individual coaching meetings are held online in a private session between you and me. Meetings are generally scheduled for an hour at a time on a weekly or bi-weekly basis from wherever you are in the world.

We connect in cyberspace via Zoom (or other platforms including FaceTime, Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp) – technology really is amazing! Conscious of the syndrome of online fatigue, we’ll work at a suitable, measured pace – particularly useful in the current world climate – and lower our carbon emissions while saving travel and leisure time.
All this , while benefitting from focused, productive meetings without having to change office or home location.

Assignments can sometimes be an element in your coaching programme. It depends on what your development path is and what the nature of your coaching requirement entails. You always agree to taking on the tasks and commit yourself to complete them; nothing is forced – because this journey is entirely yours to create.

You can even decide not to participate if you so choose.

Sounds like freedom right there, don’t you think?

Start with a Leading Edge discovery call (see the easy-to-use booking platform below) to connect with me. Once we have established chemistry and also that Empowerment Coaching is right for you, you will receive a proposal with timelines and pricing. Once accepted, we’ll agree our meeting schedules so that they’re conveniently populated into your online calendar, and we’re ready to go!

Payments can be made securely via PayPal 

If you are located in South Africa you can also make secure payments via PayFast or EFT.

Payment is required before the start of your coaching programme which secures your uniquely allocated meeting schedule.

Interventions of 6 (six) months or longer may be paid with half of the fee due before the start of the coaching programme, and the balance at the midway point.

Set your INTENTION for all manner of new possibilities

Flex those performance muscles and draw on your inner STRENGTHS 

Tap into the incredible power of Reflective Intelligence

Fall in LOVE with the work that makes your heart sing 

Move forward with GRATITUDE and ease 

Cultivate a MINDSET of authority and empowerment

Reclaim your sense of SELF and ignite your sense of purpose

Move out of anxiety and overwhelm into CLARITY 

Find new ways of BEING with simple, actionable steps

Discover new ideas and possibilities for GROWTH and INNOVATION

Build your CONFIDENCE and leadership capabilities

BOOST your skillset in communication, resilience or time management

Help yourself FOCUS and unlock what really works for shared success

Look beyond what you’ve always done and reactivate your CREATIVITY

Land yourself that promotion with a tailored and tangible ACTION PLAN

Prepare for interview and find your DREAM JOB

Consider starting your own BUSINESS


One of the most captivating novels I’ve ever read, there was my life before Shantaram and then my life after Shantaram – I just did not want this one to end! Gregory David Roberts takes the reader on an intricate journey from Australia to India, and much of the story is centred on the rich diversity of life in Mumbai. The central character Lin, learns about local culture and customs and has many wonderfully life-enhancing (and hair-raising!) encounters along the way. A story so rich in mood, colour and sound, you’ll get lost in the authenticity of this world with its textures of devastating beauty. 

The Shell Seekers

Set  between World War II and the early 1980s, this gorgeous book could easily be dismissed as twee at first glance, but is actually very much a don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover story. Charming, full of car-crash family dynamics and the passions and heartbreaks that bind people together, it’s the way she writes that makes you want to examine your own life that really makes it a gem. The central character is Penelope, who lives life to the full and grasps the things that matter most – family, the comfort of a home, the laughter of friends – all the things we have been reminded of in early 2020! Difficult to describe just why it touched me so . . . just go read it.

The Blind Assassin

Narrated from the present day but set in the 1930s and 1940s, The Blind Assassin includes a novel within-a-novel. Margaret Atwood’s two main characters are sisters Laura and Iris, whose stories unfold seamlessly through the book, even when it becomes evident that the novel-within-a-novel is based on true events. There’s also a third story embedded in the novel within-a-novel, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself! Overall, this book is captivating and clever and showcases the intricacies of families and our sometimes very messy affairs of Life. In a word: beautiful.

The Kite Runner

Thought provoking, heart breaking and yet so very uplifting, The Kite Runner is set in Afghanistan and America, and tells the story of two boys  – Amir and Hassan –  and their friendship, betrayals, forgiveness and love. The inner turmoil that Amir wrestles with after betraying  his friend drives the entire plot of the story. Moving deftly between countries and over decades, Amir’s quest to redeem himself is the heart of the narrative, into which is woven the theme of male relationships (father-and-son, familial and friends) and the call of “bringing ourselves back to goodness“, whatever the choices we may have made along the way.