Storytelling is an art.

Telling yourself stories, on the other hand, is a survival strategy.

The thorns of burnout clutch at you as you navigate your way along the jagged cliff paths of work and life, feeling drained and overwhelmed with every step.

You look at everyday images and scenes of your work and life and realise you’ve fallen out of love with both, feeling ‘blue’ and separated from your Self, and weary to the extent that you’ve lost your mojo and everything just feels too much.

You have a series of stories about what’s happened/ is happening for you, and whatever form these stories take, there’s often a precarious milestone that goes with them too.


WHEW! Feel familiar?

What's your story?

Feeling out of control and unappreciated at work and in life and placing ourselves at the back of the queue is the #1 reason we live less than inspired and joyful lives and find ourselves on the fast track to burnout. 

And when we feel bad, our inner critic tends to turn up the volume on our self-talk.

If you’ve been lurched about on waves of ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ stories while trying to find more harmony in your work and life – knowing full well that something is ‘off’ – then it’s time to align with a new story for yourself and unlock your inherent right to vitality and joy.


Are you ready to change this? Are you ready to shake up the version of your current story and fall in love with your new story?

Because no one is coming to ‘save’ you.

You are the one who can guide yourself out of the doldrums of burnout (or near enough to it if you’re not there yet), because YOU are the ultimate authority in your life. And it starts with acknowledging where you are and that you want to make a change.

You’ve just forgotten how …

And because I’ve been through the journey myself (and learnt some valuable lessons on the way) I want to share my learnings and my story with you, and so I’m piloting a new programme in my ‘Kaleidoscope Your Life’ © series called ‘Call In Compassion’ as the antidote to all that negative self-talk.

I’m looking for a small circle of women who are willing to shake up their old stories, tap into the wisdom of their true stories, and fall back in love with work and life all over again, by crafting new paradigms of lightness, joy and transformation so that they’re ready and excited for the year 2023.

In a uniquely bespoke journey, we’re going to hold the kaleidoscope of your life up to the light in order to ‘Call In Compassion’ and co-create connection with yourself, starting on 01 March 2023.

You’ll learn how to improve the overall quality of your thinking, self-talk, and mindset, so that you influence THE most profound relationship you will ever have – the one with your Self!

Learn more in the video training below:


What can you expect from this 6-week Coaching Circle?

  • We’ll look at the intention for your journey – what is the NEW story you want to be telling about yourself and your life? How do you want things to be different?
  • Unearth what stories are working for you vs against you in ways you may not have considered before
  • Uncover the power of language, and how the words you use continue to affect your thinking, expectations and beliefs.
  • Explore whether you have a ‘fixed’ or a ‘growth’ mindset.
  • Craft a new story for yourself with reflection templates and a unique visual representation of your own work/ life kaleidoscope as it currently stands.


the result

FINDING YOUR FLOW – Identification of the language, emotions and mindset you currently employ and how those affect your outlook, energy, and creativity. Insight into what you’re doing to sabotage yourself and how to turn that around while becoming more aware and compassionate of your journey and honouring your own needs and your own power.

At the conclusion of the programme, we’ll celebrate together, acknowledging how you’ve eased your way out the ‘busyness’ and negative self-talk, found new empowering stories to share and sailed into your own personal sea of tranquillity with a streamlined, easy flow.

Your new journey has begun.

Woman on a yacht

what if ...?

You may have invested in programs before that left you feeling (even more) overwhelmed with complex information and a lack of genuine support. 

What if you can change that now by empowering yourself, telling yourself new uplifting stories to reinforce your inner wisdom, and trusting yourself to commit wholeheartedly to your personal and professional goals?

What if I share my 25+ years of HR, coaching and personal development expertise to guide you every step of the way?

What if it’s just you, me, and a supportive cohort of women starting a journey of healing from being ‘recovering multi-taskers and task-masters’ to becoming mindful, compassionate and empowered goddesses?

The group stays small and focused, so you don’t feel lost in a crowd.

how it works

We partner together for 6 weeks with all the training, accountability, and encouragement you need to create tangible new stories for yourself.

  • Step-by-Step – practical information and tools you can implement right away to bring more awareness, minimise stress, and have you feeling more compassionate and kinder towards your Self.
  • Harmony Guide – workbooks to keep you focused and which allow additional pause for heartfelt and powerful reflection.
  • 6 x Group Coaching Calls – weekly meetings over a 6-week period via Zoom. Each call is 2 hours long (it FLIES by!) and the cohort is small, so you get personal attention, uplifting insights and tangible results.
  • Weekly Accountability – weekly check-ins and a personal accountability buddy for added levels of encouragement, enfolded in compassion, strength and love.
  • Exclusive Support – personalised support from me and a space to connect with other group members to ask questions, share ‘AHA’ moments and celebrate with those who’ve got your back… and your heart!
  • BONUS – Private Coaching Call – a private 45-minute coaching call is included if you invest by 23 February 2023

The full investment is US$ 599 / ZAR 5999* (PayPal for international, EFT for local*)

The Coaching Circle stays small and cohesive, so let’s speak privately to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Are you curious?

Let’s connect – it would be fab to meet you!

Register for a chat here, book a Zoom call here, find me on Telegram @YourMojoCoach or email me now on connect@leemarinaki.com